Instructions for Submitting your SMBHC Honors Thesis

Thank you for using the SMBHC Thesis Repository to store your Honors Thesis. Before getting started, please make sure to save your thesis as a PDF file. In this document, we will walk through all the steps needed to successfully upload and submit your thesis to the Honors College.

Instructions for Submitting your SMBHC Honors Thesis (PDF version)

SMBHC Honors Thesis Formatting and Submission Guidelines (PDF version)

1. Go to

2. Click on the Create Account button (or Login if you already have an account)

3. Enter the required information to create an account. It is also helpful if you enter your name as well.

4. Check your email, and click on the "activate your password" link in the email.

5. When you login, you are taken to the "Manage deposits" screen where you can click on the blue "New Item" box to begin submitting your thesis.

6. Under the Item Type, select "Thesis" for your Honors Thesis and click "Next"

7. You can easily upload your PDF version of your thesis by clicking on the "Choose File" button.

8. Copy and paste your Title and Abstract into their respective boxes.

9. Under the Thesis Type box, select "Undergraduate".

10. Add your name in the first line of the Creators box.

11. Under publication details make the following selections:

  1. Status: most likely this will be "Unpublished" unless you and your advisor have already submitted your thesis for publication.
  2. Date: the end of the term in which you are submitting your thesis to the honors college (i.e. May 2014)
  3. Data Type: Completion

12. Official URL: probably blank

13. Thesis Advisor: Your thesis advisor's name (e.g. Jane Smith)

14. Institution: The University of Mississippi

15. Department: The department your THESIS ADVISOR works in, even if it is different from your major field of study.

16. Number of Pages: (optional)

17. Related URLs: (optional – if you have supplementary data for your thesis on a permanent website, you can use this field to link to that location)

18. On the Subject page, select at least one subject from the Library of Congress' subject list.

19. On the Deposit Page, please read the agreement and indicate your agreement by clicking on the "Deposit Item Now" link

20. Your Thesis is now deposited, and will be added to the public website section of the repository as soon as it is reviewed by an administrator (typically within one week).

Appendix: Some additional options

1. When uploading your Thesis files, click on the "Show Options +" link on the bottom right of the file. This will unfold a section where you have access to additional options.

2. How to Embargo your Honors Thesis for publication on a future date:

3. How to Select an explicit Creative Commons License for your Thesis

How to Submit additional supplementary material for your Thesis.