An Analysis of Stimuli Responsive Biomaterials using Raman Spectroscopy and Computational Studies

Harknett, Gretchen (2017) An Analysis of Stimuli Responsive Biomaterials using Raman Spectroscopy and Computational Studies. Undergraduate thesis, under the direction of Nathan Hammer from Chemistry and Biochemistry, University of Mississippi.


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This thesis involves the computational and spectroscopic exploration of the linear dendritic block copolymer, poly(L-lactide)-poly(amido-amine), (PLA-PAMAM), under different environmental conditions using Raman spectroscopy, in hopes to utilize it in future effective and cost-efficient drug delivery systems. Janus dendrimers, a material made up of two different dendrimer portions, are currently being studied in great detail, as they possess many attractive features for materials scientists looking to develop ways for drugs to be delivered in more efficient manners than currently available to physicians. The instrumentation used to conduct this thesis is a high resolution Raman spectrometer. Computationally, Gaussian 09 was employed to model PLA-PAMAM, and to compare and explain the experimental data. Raman spectroscopic data was also taken on PAMAM-boc, which is the hydrophilic portion of the PLA-PAMAM structure. Spectra were recorded on the neat molecules alone, surrounded by a drop of water, aggregated in water, and aggregated in a pH solution of 9.6. Because of the potential use of PLA-PAMAM as a drug delivery system in the body, understanding the effects of its interactions with water and similar environments with an acidic or basic pH is important to development of effective drug delivery systems. A pH of 9.6 was chosen because delivery methods through the eyes are a potential mode of entry, and the eyes are more basic than a normal pH of 7. The results and discussion found in this thesis help elucidate shifts in vibrational spectra as PAMAM-boc and PLA-PAMAM are placed in different environments, specifically water and a pH solution of 9.6.

Item Type: Thesis (Undergraduate)
Creators: Harknett, Gretchen
Student's Degree Program(s): B.A. Biochemistry
Thesis Advisor: Nathan Hammer
Thesis Advisor's Department: Chemistry and Biochemistry
Institution: University of Mississippi
Subjects: Q Science > QD Chemistry
Depositing User: Gretchen Harknett
Date Deposited: 10 May 2017 19:22
Last Modified: 12 May 2017 13:59

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