Towards the Synthesis of a Swallowtailed Perylene Monoimide

Whicker, Wyatt S (2015) Towards the Synthesis of a Swallowtailed Perylene Monoimide. Undergraduate thesis, under the direction of Daniell Mattern from Chemistry and Biochemistry , University of Mississippi.

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This project was initiated in conjunction with Dr. Justin Youngblood from the University of North Texas. The goal was to synthesize a molecule to be used in solar cell testing. The target molecule involved combining donor and acceptor groups to make a combination that would be able to transfer electricity in a unilateral direction to increase efficiency in solar cells. My project involved the donor portion, a perylene monoimide donor with a long alkyl “swallowtail” to impart solubility. While the final molecule was not synthesized, the proposed procedure for making such a molecule was improved upon. A perylene tetracarboxylic dianhydride was decarboxylated using an autoclave, and an amine synthesis procedure was attempted. Future research into this molecule will be greatly assisted by the findings of this project, and potential alterations are discussed.

Item Type: Thesis (Undergraduate)
Creators: Whicker, Wyatt S
Student's Degree Program(s): B.S. Mathematics
Thesis Advisor: Daniell Mattern
Thesis Advisor's Department: Chemistry and Biochemistry
Institution: University of Mississippi
Subjects: Q Science > QD Chemistry
Depositing User: Wyatt S Whicker
Date Deposited: 07 May 2015 19:38
Last Modified: 07 May 2015 19:38

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